Student Research Projects

Student participation in our research is an essential element in our scholarship. We invite you to find out more about students involved in our research through their written reflections and photographs.

  • May 2016 Field Course in St. Croix:

    This three credit hour course will examine the issues of fisheries management and invasive species in the United States and Caribbean.  The course will take place on Emory’s campus and in the field US Virgin Islands (St. Croix).The first two weeks will be spent on campus preparing for field work.  Topics covered will include:  Invasive Species, Lionfish, US Fisheries Management, Fish Markets Development, Fisheries Economics, Caribbean Fisheries, Caribbean Fishing Culture, and History of the US Virgin Islands, Research Ethics, and Social Science Field Research Methods.

    The final week of the course will be spent doing intensive field work in the US Virgin Islands (St. Croix) as part of an ongoing research project Dr. Yandle is heading to assess the viability of creating market for lionfish as a food source in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Students will interview seafood consumers (local residents shopping grocery stores) and tourists who patronize restaurants.  The purpose of the interviews we be to gather data on: awareness of lionfish, willingness to eat lionfish, willingness to pay, This student project is part of a broader research grant to assess the viability of creating a viable market for lionfish as a food source in the U.S. Virgin Islands. current seafood consumption, as well as standard demographic and geographic data.

  • March 2018 Georgia Oral Histories Research Project
  • 2019 Field Notes on Mapping Georgia’s Working Waterfronts


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