5/17/2016 – Molly O’Neil

Today was day seven of the “Lionfish in the Caribbean” course. Now one week in, we’re enthusiastically learning more about Lionfish management and what we will be working on in the field. Education – The Earlier, the Better We spent some time today going over how Education and Outreach (E&O) programs are structured to buildContinue reading “5/17/2016 – Molly O’Neil”

5/16/2016 – Kaetlyn Lee

Nacimera and Rastas We had a change of pace for the sixth day of the “Lionfish in the Caribbean” course, where we had Georgia Southern University Associate Professor, Jennifer Tookes as an instructor for today’s class! With a formal educational background in anthropology, Dr. Tookes helped us to understand not only the overall history ofContinue reading “5/16/2016 – Kaetlyn Lee”

5/13/2016 – Jeff Kraprayoon

Fisheries Management: A Love-Hate Relationship Lionfish invasions are an ecological disaster. These venomous, yet beautiful, creatures are roaming their new habitat, the Atlantic reefs. They are depleting the stocks of native fish. They are damaging the tourism industry. They are contributing to the degradation of the fishery system as a whole. So, there you haveContinue reading “5/13/2016 – Jeff Kraprayoon”

5/12/2016 – Paige Crowl

Day 3 Blog Post – 5/12/16 Well, it’s day three of the Lionfish in the Caribbean course! So far, we’ve explored some of the complications around this issue and seen how an integrated systems approach helps us to approach them better. We’ve also covered the basics of lionfish biology, how they arrived in the area,Continue reading “5/12/2016 – Paige Crowl”

5/11/2016 – Jason Boss

After an energy-filled introduction with the NASA “Gangham Style parody,” “NASA Johnson Style” the class jumped right into the inconsistencies of the USGS volunteer reported sightings of lionfish.  It became clear that political and sociological factors are probably contributing to inaccuracies in the information provided.  For example, the first sightings of lionfish were off theContinue reading “5/11/2016 – Jason Boss”

05/10/2016 – Jason Boss

In the initial meeting of ENVS 385 – Lionfish in the Caribbean, the students were introduced to each other, the nature of the study we will participate in, core concepts surrounding the issue, and our main question, which is how to make harvesting Lionfish a profitable endeavor.  We had a visit from a representative ofContinue reading “05/10/2016 – Jason Boss”