5/27/2016 – Megan Withers

Shhh, We’re Hunting for Tourists Last night we had our first taste of what a real rain shower feels like in the Caribbean.  We all agree it was a very loud experience, but it was great!  Unfortunately, the rain did not quiet Hannibal, our famous resident rooster.  Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloomContinue reading “5/27/2016 – Megan Withers”

5/26/2016 – Jakob Perryman

It’s not every day that you can conduct surveys on a small private island. Outside the main island of St. Croix, just a 20 second boat ride from the Christiansted Boardwalk (known to us experienced surveyors as simply CUB), this small island is actually a hotel with a public beach. However, before I continue anythingContinue reading “5/26/2016 – Jakob Perryman”

5/25/2016 – Molly O’Neil

After a late night last night working on surveying, we got to sleep in a bit today and didn’t wake up until 7:00 AM – thirty minutes past our regular wake up time. We’ve fallen into a pretty reliable morning routine complete with bug spray, sunscreen, peanut butter and jelly making, and of course, HannibalContinue reading “5/25/2016 – Molly O’Neil”